Bible and Bible Study


In the future we will be adding a few more resources.

We receive no money, this is solely a service for your use.  No advertising, on donations.  Because it is only for the use of study of the Bible it is very Spartan in its make up.  Designed to help understand the bible with as little distractions as possible.

What is offered

The first offering is the bible itself.  By selecting The Bible on the menu, you are taken to a menu of the books of the bible broken down by Book.  Select the book you wish to read and your are in the bible.  If you have a question on a verse, click on it an the study system will open to that verse in a new tab.  The current tab till remain open.  You may scroll through the study system up or down in that book.  When done go back to the original tab.  The tab that was opened to the verse study will remain open until you close it.

The second offering is the study guide on a verse by verse guide basis.  By selecting Books of the Bible you are entering the study Guide, written for each verse of the bible from front to the end.  Over seventeen years  in the making.

The third offering is a selection of subjects that cover topics of the most difficult portions of the bible.  Selecting Study subjects, you will be brought to pages that reference the bible, but are designed to further help you understand the topics covered.


All this is available on line here and at   with much more: notes on the author, opportunities, credits of content and more. If you are on line, click the like to visit the site.  This resource, however,  is usable with out the need of WiFi or internet.


You will be given the option to down load all the files so you will have it all on your hard drive if you wish to study offline.  That portion is currently in the development stages as the current files combined are too large to currently download.  Please be patient.

Finally this site will be expanded to allow you to ponder the questions of the day.  When that is completed this page will change to reflect its availability.

 So lets get started: 

The Menu

The links  
The Bible  Select this if you wish to read the bible.  The whole bible is here, but with a unique opportunity.  When you make this selection you are brought to an index that allows you to start reading the bible in any of the books.  Select the book and it will bring you to the book with an index that allows you to start in any chapter. 

What is unique with this is that as you read, if you would like more information on a particular verse, select it (it is linked) to be taken to the study material on that verse.

A separate window tab is opened to the verse, and when you are done, simply go back to the bible. The tab is still open and the tab will remain until you close it.


Books of the Bible Like the first selection you are taken to a very similar menu that has all the books of the bible, but when you select the chapter, you are in the area of study will all the notes for every verse as you study that chapter.  Here you do not select a verse to view, it is already there.  In addition there are questions scattered at the end of each study section that you can answer to help strengthen your memory on the study.

Each lesson is designed for thirty minutes or an hour.  But you are not limited to how far you want to go each time you study.


Study Subjects This section takes you to a really different type of study: Revelation, Rapture, being a Christian, and more.  It is better to go there and see the topics than it being discussed here.



Questions or comments are answered on line at  We do not respond to sales or solicitation of any kind.