U.S. Government

US Governmentís Role During the End Times

Our Governmentís Choice to be Defenseless Against Nukes: Did you know what the US would do if attacked by nuclear missiles? Pray! Thatís right. Iím all in favor of prayer, but that would be our only option. We are defenseless against an incoming attack by even one intercontinental ballistic missile today, and for the foreseeable future. Why? Because our politicians have sold us out.

The federal governmentís primary responsibility, of course, is to provide for the common defense of its citizens. It is not to mail out welfare checks. It is not to confiscate our firearms. Itís not even to educate our children. Itís to protect us from external threat. Failure to do so is a betrayal of the Congressional oath. Current congressional attitudes and actions, or should I say inaction, on this issue border on criminal negligence at worst and outright stupidity at best.

Itís been a long time since the US government had its priorities straight. So, one day, unless things change in Washington, we will be faced with the inevitable nuclear missile attack. Even if the attack is a single missile from a single rogue nation or fanatical group, we will have no defense, and hundreds of thousands of citizens could/will die a horrible death needlessly. Is this really a possibility?

Our intelligence agencies tell us itís a certainty. Itís not a question of ďifĒ, itís a question of ďwhenĒ. (And this was written in 1997). Today we can see how real this threat really is.

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