China – A Fast Growing Power

China is buying and building nuclear missile capable submarines as fast as she can. You can’t very well stop your enemy from launching nuclear missiles at you without doing something about those submarines. China openly declares that it expects to be the naval power of the Pacific by the year 2015. Iran is buying nuclear missile capable submarines from Russia as well. Coupled with their headlong dash toward nuclear missile capability, this should be recognized as a clear and apparent danger for the whole world, especially for Israel and the USA. Could Russia be part of The Kings of the East? Kings of the East, (see Rev. 16:12-16).

With religiously fanatical leaders believing their greatest service for Allah is to die a martyr in holy war and soon to be holding their finger over a nuclear missile trigger, the whole world is in danger. One miscalculation could set the planet at risk, and possibly trigger a world conflict.

China Gets Russia’s Help: For 40 years during the Cold War, US and European strategic planners feared one development more than any other, a strong alliance between Russia and China. Today, the Cold War may be over, the world may be at relative peace (1997), and communism, they tell us is dead. Yet, quietly and without fanfare, the West’s worst nightmare has become a reality. Russia, a declining superpower with one of the world’s largest nuclear stockpiles, and China, a rising economic behemoth with a growing arsenal, have teamed up to form what they call a “strategic partnership” for the 21st century, reminding those familiar with biblical prophecy that these two nations will be involved in invasions of the Middle East during the last great war on earth.

The increased closeness between the two giant states means trouble for the US,” said Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation. “The Chinese will have access to the most advanced missile, thermonuclear and aerospace systems the Russians can offer.”

The SS-18 Missile, Code Named “Satan”: China has also acquired the technology and parts for Russia’s most lethal ICBM system (the SS-18), according to intelligence sources. This is the world’s largest and most destructive ICBM. The technology transfers are being made outside official Russian channels, in an effort to avoid direct clashes with the US. In spite of the West’s protest, the Russian-Chinese relations are at an all-time high. Recently, the two powers announced the formation of a “new strategic partnership.” Russia’s ICBM technology is enabling China to accurately strike targets anywhere in the US.

From Nuisance to Lethal Troublemaker: And, not coincidentally, China has some new friends in the Middle East. China is now a major supplier of arms to Iran, establishing the major link between the pre-eminent Asian power and the Middle East that students of Bible prophecy have long expected. China has sold Iran approximately 3 billion in weapons over the past several years (this was written in 1997), and helped Iran to build its own missiles, helicopters and artillery, according to Western intelligence sources. But that’s nothing compared to the 4.5 billion arms deal recently signed between the two countries. In addition, China has agreed to build two 300 megawatt nuclear power plants that will be operational (in about 7 years).

China has also sold Iran 400 tons of chemical agents, giving it the largest chemical weapons stockpile of any undeveloped nation in the world. Such agents could be used in warheads atop Chinese made surface to surface missiles that Iran has ominously placed along the Strait of Hormuz. You know, that narrow exit from the Persian Gulf through which a fifth of the world’s oil supply passes in vulnerable supertanker ships.

This shipment was also reported to contain the new deadliest biological agent known to man, it has no antidote. It was created by Russian scientists who genetically engineered a strain of lethal anthrax into the most lethal agent on earth. The smallest molecule of its powdered delivery form applied to the skin brings a certain, agonizing death. The reactors could be used to build nuclear weapons. Does the fact that Iran is almost nuclear worry anyone?

China Arms the Worst Threats to the West: Western intelligence agents believe China, along with Russia and Germany, supplied Saddam Hussein of Iraq with the technology to develop chemical and biological weapons that threatened the allies during the Gulf War. The Chinese provided anti-aircraft and air defense systems as well. Recently, China agreed to develop oil fields in southern Iraq. Syria likewise buys a steady stream of Chinese arms. It seems that any enemy of the West, and particularly of the US, is given the most liberal of terms for any weapon in the Sino arsenal.

When Israel was in the process of bombing Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, a missile struck a naval ship which was Chinese made causing quite a stir as the US had been warning about such things.

Sensitive guidance equipment for the Chinese made M-11 surface-to-surface missile was included in one recent shipment. Suspicions are high that Chinese equipment may be involved in an underground chemical biological weapons factory outside Damascus. It’s no secret why China is deeply involved in Middle East trade. It needs oil. China is developing faster than any other country in the world and oil is still the lifeblood of industry. Although China has vast oil reserves itself, it has been difficult to exploit them.

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